CH_Discovery_COVER_ONLY_1As a member of the senior leadership team in a billion-dollar health care system, my heart aches daily for the sickness, disease and ill-health that affect so many of the individuals and families that enter our facilities.  More painful, however, is that so much of this pain and illness can be avoided.  How much?

In his best-selling book Disease Proof, David Katz, MD, the founding director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University and associate professor of public health practice at the Yale University School of Medicine writes that “most diseases are not random occurrences but the consequences of things people do every day.  They are the intermediate step between lifestyle habits and infirmary or death.  This means that the leading causes of death and disease are largely within our control because of the result from what we do or don’t do with our feet, our forks, and our fingers”.  In fact, according to groundbreaking research cited by Dr. Katz in his book, by “not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, being active, and eating well, could reduce the risk of all chronic disease by 80%”.

So what would you say if someone offered you a way to find more energy in your days.  What if you could also have better daily health?  Would you like to know how to recover more quickly from illness?  Do you wish all your relationships were strong and peace filled?  Do you desire more joy and peace of mind each day?  What about a longer life with health?  Not only is this all possible, it does NOT demand you eat a broccoli diet, run 20 miles a week or sit cross-legged for 60 minutes a day chanting away the stress.  The concept is simple, following eight easy-to-remember steps to health and wholeness.

Over the course of the next 10 weekly posts, Heaven by Health will be drawing on the principles of CREATION Health and the Creation Health Discovery book written by Des Cummings, Jr., PhD and Monica Reed, MD to introduce you to these concepts.  Which begs the question, “What is CREATION Health”?

Let me answer this question by quoting from Drs. Cummings and Reed in Creation Health Discovery.  “If you are fairly convinced you aren’t a cosmic accident, that perhaps a wise Creator made humans qualitatively different for a reason, and that as a wise Designer he may have left a few design particulars that should be followed for the proper care, upkeep and smooth running of your planet earth suit, then CREATION Health will have tons of great information.”

CREATION Health is an acronym for full-health.  The letters of the acronym stand for:


The definition of full health as outlined by Drs. Cummings and Reed is filled with power and truth that we can all experience. “Full health is more than the absence of disease and its symptoms; it is a moment-by-moment realization that God wants each human being on earth–people like you and me whom he loves and cares about–to have the absolute best that life can offer”.  If not for you, then for “the generations behind you.”  Further. “whether it’s your children or grandchildren, people on this earth need what you can offer.  If you don’t do what you can to live better and live longer, then all of the significant people you love in your life may miss out on years of joy you could have spent encouraging and loving them”

As you read these posts over the next 10 weeks, our hope is that you will understand that the principles of wellness first established in the beginning of human existence are timeless.  That is precisely what we wish to share with you in an introductory fashion over the next 10 weeks.  As a certified CREATION Health Seminar Leader, HbyH is making plans to offer the full program in 2016.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  We hope the next 10 weeks inspires you to “forget what is behind you and reach to what lies ahead and to live the full life God has designed for each of us.



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