ch_banner_trustThe “T” in CREATION Health stands for Trust in Divine Power

Have you ever been burned by someone you trusted? Have you ever felt worthless because of another person’s opinion of you? Do you sometimes live in fear of what the future might bring? Do you have a sense of purpose in your life?

This evenings blog represents the fifth of the eight principles of the introduction to C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N. Health Discovery. Information in this blog is from the book C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N. Health Discovery. As you read these posts, if you wish to read the entire book by Drs. Des Cummings, Jr. and Monica Reed, please visit this link: Creation Health Discovery.

Trust in Divine Power: How Faith Improves Your Health:

God originally designed us to be his friends. But often our lives are so busy that we leave little time for him. Those are the times we try to go it alone without the wisdom and energy his friendship offers. Yet without him our daily activities can become pointless. Were busy but we just don’t know why.

When we trust in God we are transformed from people of fear to people of courage and from people of courage to people of purpose. With God by my side I have courage to face the future.

Scientific Support for Trust in Divine Power:

A study of 560 households has revealed that people who pray to a God they know intimately are happier, more satisfied and enjoy a deeper sense of well-being about the direction their lives are headed. In addition, those with faith-filled allegiance are significantly less likely to experience physical illness mental symptoms or difficulties with keeping strong relationships. Future studies will be required to identify the reason that trust in a divine power is a pathway to optical physical and mental health. In the meantime, the scientific data clearly indicates that opening your heart to God will enrich you in ways other than through improved spiritual health.

A study of 855 high school seniors revealed that students who go to church are less likely to become delinquent, drink alcohol or use marijuana than other teens–an observation that applies to both boys and girls. Clearly, in maintaining a healthy society there’s an important role for a strong faith in God as well as having a balanced moral education.

How Faith Affects Your Health:

The scientific data are growing. Georgetown University Medical School professor Dale Matthews and his colleagues have shown that religious involvement helps people avoid illness, recover from it more quickly, and most remarkably, live longer. The more spiritually committed you are the more you benefit. Medical internist Larry Dossey and others have published rather extensively on the benefits of prayer and healing. Undeniably the medical community has a growing respect for the role of faith and prayer play in our overall well-being.

A Growing Faith:

Everything in the Creation story teaches us that faith and trust are grown not simply given. It’s evident that even Adam and Eve had to grow in their confidence in God. As it was then, so it is today, faith is a process not an on-and-off switch.

In today’s world filled with conflict and upheaval, we humans need to trust in a loving, powerful God, especially when our impulses lead us in a direction that is away from his design, his best intentions.

Faith is a process. It is something we grow into and develop over time and through trials. Most people think they don’t have the kind of faith that produces miracles and perhaps their faith is rather weak. Jesus’ 12 closest friends, men he called disciples, had the same concern. They were always encountering obstacles that seemed bigger than their faith.

What matters most is, in whom do we place our faith? If we place our trust in an all-powerful God then ultimate good will happen.

A Changing Faith:

Trust changes a person’s outlook observed hospital chaplain Marti Jones. If you’re a trusting person you’re likely more positive. When you know that God cares for you, you’re able to rely on the fact that God is leading, even in the physical care you’re receiving.

If we trust God fully and hand him all our cares, he gives us peace that truly is beyond our understanding. He provides us the support and the love that we need to make it on a day-by-day and sometimes hour-by hour-basis.

A Beginning Faith:

The best part about trust is that we don’t have to discover it by ourselves. God is there for the journey, guiding and cheering us along. Since the beginning of Creation, God has found a way to deal with the guilt and shame that comes from being human and living on Planet Earth.

So how do you begin your spiritual journey?

The important thing is to start building on the foundation of whatever faith you already have. I have discovered three practical steps that will help you develop an attitude of trust in God.

First, communicate— Tress grows in an atmosphere of honesty and openness. God has been honest with you. It’s time to be honest with him as well. You can do that in prayer, which is nothing more than talking to God and listening with your heart for his answers.

Second, listen— Be open to what God reveals about himself in word, in the Bible. You’ve got to get to know someone better in order to trust him or her right?

Third, ask— Start requesting God’s help in specific areas of your life. As you continue, you’ll begin to learn more and more from the way he answers. His “no” can be as instructive as his “yes” to your prayers. But always ask.

Success Steps

Here are six practical steps to ensure your Trust In Divine Power success:

Together Time— The key to developing a trust relationship with someone is to spend time together. The same is true when you spend time with God.

A Quiet Place–Do you have a favorite rocking chair, a secluded bench in the park down the street, or a well-worn pew in your church. That may be the perfect meeting place for you and God. Never miss a chance to create a quiet place for you and God to talk

Scripture–The Bible is God’s letter to us. Reading the Bible will show us the true trusting relationship that God is eager to share with us.

Prayer–It can happen anywhere anytime and does not depend upon your posture or words. Prayer is talk– honest talk, fearless talk friend to friend.

Books–Take a trip to Christian bookstore. Wander the aisles and look at everything, especially the books under the devotional reading sign. Choose three or four of the most interesting and take them to the reading chair in the back of the store. Scan a page or two out of each and then select one to buy.

People–Are you acquainted with people who seem close to God? Get to know them. Ask questions. Listen. Follow their lead. They just may know the path.

A longing for the Supernatural in natural. C.S. Lewis

You will keep in perfect peace, all who trust in you, whose thoughts are fixed on you. Isaiah 26:3 NLT

Steve Johnson is a Certified C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N. Health Seminar Leader. For more information about when the full seminar is being presented or to have it presented to your group or organization, please visit the Heaven by Health Wellness Academy at

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