The Heaven by Health Story

The prompting to create the Heaven by Health Wellness Academy first occurred during a spiritual retreat in Ridgecrest, North Carolina in 2004. As devoted Christians, and with Kim being a professional dance teacher and Steve being a senior executive in a billion dollar health system, they saw firsthand the impact of poor health in realizing God’s plan for His people. They committed to a journey to provide teaching and resources based on biblical principles to help others along the path to health and wholeness.

Since that time, the team at Heaven by Health has received training and certification from the Dr. William Sears Wellness Institute and Florida Hospital’s CREATION Health. Kim and Steve Johnson have taught the Heaven by Health assortment of wellness programs to churches, schools, athletic clubs, businesses and individuals. Their programs incorporate biblical principles on health and wellness with the trusted expertise of William Sears, MD; Don Colbert, MD; Monica Reed, MD; and, Des Cummings, Jr., PhD among others.

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